Saturday, August 17, 2013

A quick note about Gay

My story ...

I have a friend GAY, they were best friends since junior high gw. When everyone away because his personality is still considered "taboo", I tetep loyal to "trash" for all their complaints. Because i know, people like them not to be avoided. They are just ordinary people who also need a friend.

Currently uda one of them has a girlfriend. And for 3 days yesterday, limped his way. He says his Seme "play" too rough. Honestly i really pity ngelihat predicament like that. But he says the pain is not nothing compared to the pain his heart because we shunned teman2 first. From here gw uda can conclude if they also need what is called a friend and love. Might just be a different way though the essence of the so-called love is the same.

Many people consider this incorrect action gw. They told me if I ask one of the people who support the existence of homosexuals. As a practicing psychologist should i be able to "cure" them of ketidaknormalannya. Or as people who know about religion, I can lead them back to the right path.

But sorry, I is not God. I can not determine this man sinned or not. Until now i tetep confident with truth and evil religion taught by gw. But then again, a man sins only God disposes. I just ordinary people, as well as with them. We just live our lives according to our own beliefs. I can not impose what i believe, so did they. So far, we are friends based on mutual respect.

When someone says, "you're the prospective psychologist, you should be able to heal them to get back to normal".

A psychologist also has a code of ethics. We can not force someone to do therapy if the person concerned does not want. They felt there was no problem with his personality, which is why we complicated? No matter how much therapy will not work if the person refuses. Like the saying we're feeding people who already full. The food will not give full effect, but instead makes the stomach uneasy.

Core of Psychology studied not only to know where the normal and abnormal. But also learn how to be wise with all the differences that exist around us. I do not have to support their actions. But I also can not hate them. They are there and i can not deny that fact. Gw of first trying to appreciate and be wise with the way they have chosen. Because they need people who WANT to respect their decision

Let us respect the differences that exist around us ..

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