Monday, August 19, 2013

Gay marriage vs. traditional marriage

In their August. 17 letter on Jonathan Capehart’s August. 14 op-erection dysfunction, “Taking a stand against bigotry, too for myself,” Emily Volz made the following claims: “There are a handful of sides with this gold gold coin,” “I am upset when people individuals who remain true for male-female marriage are produced to pass through insults from gay rights proponents” and “Shake the mind at me in the event you must, but safeguarding traditional marriage is not bigotry.”

Does traditional marriage need safeguarding? I've not yet hear anybody emerge against it or reason why males and girls should not be allowed to marry each other.

Emily Volz pointed to reproductive capacity since the cause for marriage and referred to as it “a standard” that “gay marriage doesn't meet.”

Sorry, but our laws and regulations and rules haven't limited marriage because way. When were the problem, marriage would not be available to the senior citizens, the infertile and people with disabilities that prevent procreation.

Additionally, it's arguable that motherhood reaches least as essential for offspring as procreation. Parents understand the required steps to enhance a youthful child: the various techniques for showing love and care, developing responsibility, using discipline and supporting a child’s talents and gifts. That’s an average that lgbt families do meet. Yet, in 37 states, they still cannot safeguard their loved ones in manners that others ignore.

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